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About us


Grand Gebze Hotel was opened in 2006 as the first 3 star hotel in the region. With 46 standard rooms, 5 corner rooms and 4 business rooms, we offer the best service with the best service. Grand Hotel Gebze is the most favorite hotel in the region with its comfortable and high quality service.

Our aim is to offer the best service with the best fiyata.
Grand Gebze Hotel is the closest hotel to Gebzeninen Major Organized Industrial Zone. Gebze Organized Industrial Zone, Taysat, Güzeller Organized Industrial Zone, GebzePlastikçiler Organize Zone, Tuzla Kimyacilar Organized Industrial Zone, Tuzla Dericiler Industrial Zone, Tuzla Mermerciler Industrial Zone and Tuzla Paint Varnish Industrial Zone.
LybissaRestaurant is the ideal spot for a sunny start with a rich buffet breakfast.
LybissaRestaurant serving Turkish and international cuisine; You will be welcomed with menus that will make a difference in your damper.
You can sip your day's fatigue in our hotel .You can play free billiards and table tennis in our game room.
Connect freely to the virtual world with free Wi-Fi in all areas of the hotel and in the rooms and free Internet cafe in the lobby.
Your rooms will respond to your needs (slippers, satellite TV, etc.) every detail has been considered.

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